365 Days of Happiness – November 14, 2017


Say or think, “I AM shiny! I shine bright!”

Feels great, yes?!

All shiny comes with an energy of special, luxurious, glamorous, grand, regal, beautiful, bright, powerful and many more “high for life” feelings.

Saying or thinking “shiny” to yourself or others will shift you to BE and live in that feel good frequency. Same goes for noticing and focusing on all shiny-ness, be it people or things.

That IS, because everything is energy and everything is connected.

So, call yourself “shiny” often. Notice all shiny-ness everywhere. Dress in shiny clothes and shoes. Eat and drink shiny food. Watch shiny movies. Look at shiny pictures, candles and lamps. Feel shiny!

I call people that shine their being bright, “shiners!” And there are a whole lot of shiners out there. You can spot them easily, because they are over the moon happy beings.

Come join us, and BE a “shiner!”

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