365 Days of Happiness – November 6, 2017

The whole world wins that way!

Imagine a loved one is having a hard time!

You immediately connect with that person, offer your help, your time and your deep friendship. You show your compassion and care towards her/him. You remind your loved one how wonderful he/she is. You hug, and shower that person with your love and light. You tell her/him that all is OK, and that she/he is not alone. You tell your loved one to be gentle, understanding and forgiving towards herself/himself. You tell her/him not to care what others think or say, but rather stay true to oneself. And most likely, you pamper and spoil your loved one with goodies and yummies.

That makes your loved one feel good. It makes you feel good. And it makes the situation feel good. And because we are all connected, all that good feeling energy gets spread to everything and everyone in your awareness, which makes even more people “feeling good.” The whole world wins that way!

Now imagine you are having a hard time!

What is your reaction towards yourself? Are you hard on yourself? Do you talk or think negative to/about yourself?

If so, it is about high time to replaced your old, unloving, worn-out reactions towards yourself, with new, nourishing “feel good” thoughts FOR yourself.

And the way to do that, is to treat yourself as you treat your loved one. To accept, respect, thank, love and honor yourself in the same way you accept, respect, thank, love and honor your loved one. And to feel for yourself the same way as you feel for your loved one.

Love yourself! The whole world wins that way!

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