365 Days of Happiness – October 31, 2017

Pick your costume!

Have you ever put on a costume and felt different than your usual you?

That is because costumes are energy, just like everything else. They carry a certain energy, which vibrates in a certain frequency, all depending on what costume it is. Choosing and dressing up in a costume, can shift you to that certain energy. That means, you now vibrate in that certain frequency too.

Use that to your advantage!

Ask yourself (on any given day you like), “What or who do I want to be today and dress up as? What energy do I want today?”

Then either really dress up as who or what you chose, or imagine yourself dressing up as it. Both have the same value for you energetically. If you are really dressed up, have a long look in the mirror. If not, visualize yourself dressed up, and if you like, imagine looking at your dressed-up you in the mirror. Now feel the energy that comes with your dress-up. Really feel it and embrace the shift with its energy.

If you are a pirate, feel the pirate power. If you are an angel, feel the angelic-ness. If you are a queen, feel the regal-ness. If you are a ballerina, feel the graciousness. If you are a superhero, feel the superhero power. If you are a lion, feel the animal king strength and power that comes with this. Etc.

Then go on in your new day, dressed up for real or dressed up in your imagination. Either way, it works and is a lot of fun!

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