365 Days of Happiness – October 21, 2017

Expand yourself!

When you stretch your body, mind and spirit, you will extend yourself to all new. New ways, strengths, possibilities, understandings and new knowledge. You expand to an experience of a new way to BE.

Now, you will not have to stretch your body, mind and spirit far in situations where you feel good, where all works out the way you want it, where you agree with all and understand everything.

But you will get the opportunity to stretch and expand yourself here:

  • Look and feel where it’s not working for you, where it’s not feeling good for you and where you don’t agree or understand.
  • Look and feel outside of your comfort zone, go where your fear lays.
  • Look and feel where you don’t like or agree with others.
  • Look and feel everywhere where un-ease IS for you.

Right there, in these uncomfortable places, stretch your body, mind and spirit to all new ways, thoughts, views and learning that could BE for you. Look and feel into your un-ease and ask “What new and different can I expand into here?” Be wide open for anything, and go beyond your believes, thoughts and normal ways.

Stretch yourself thinner, and in the process you will grow wider and wiser.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a day of immense expansion!

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