365 Days of Happiness – October 14, 2017

Hang on tight!

Think of a monkey bar at a playground. You swing forward from bar to bar, while hanging and holding on tight to at least one bar with at least with one hand. And once you have a firm grip on the next bar, you let go of the last bar and keep swinging forward. And so on…

You can do the same with your happiness.

Start out by being happy, and then swing forward on your happiness monkey bar. Swing from happiness to happiness, while keeping a tight grip on feeling the present happiness, until you have a firm grip on feeling the next happiness. Which then turns into your present happiness. And on you go, swinging…

Swinging on your happiness monkey bar means, you are telling everything but happiness, “Sorry, I can’t hang out and play with you, I am busy hanging out and playing with happiness. Because it suits me.”

And all other feelings, you can acknowledge with blessings. You can accept, respect, thank and love for them for the gift they represent. You just won’t hang out and play with them.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Go swing on your happiness monkey bar!

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