365 Days of Happiness – October 13, 2017

Loose yourself!

At least every now and then, just for a bit.

Because that opens up all new and exciting for you. And it keeps you flexible, spontaneous and open to all.

Here is my little story to this…

I had a very set and timed plan for today. This smart plan made sure I got everything done on time, without hurrying. I was excited for my planned day. All was great! 

Until my new day took my plan, crushed it and recycled it into a much much greater plan. A plan I did not even know could be. That is when all went from great to super great!

So here I am, sitting in a beautiful cafe, by a window with a magnificent tree that is absolutely smiling at me, like it knew I was coming. Enjoying a delicious hot drink, while writing my blog. That was totally not the plan! Inspiring!

And before that, I got to watch a Quidditch game, live and with real muggle people. Promise, I am not making this up. And it was certainly not the plan. Fun!

Those are just two of the plan-changing fantastic experiences I was gifted with. And the day is not over… I am clearly getting the message “Don’t make anymore plans for today!” 

Now, I still will get everything done, but as to when and where, I will just go with the universal flow that is for me. Exciting!

You might not be able to be that flexible every day, I am not either. But on the days where you can, even if only part time, you really should take the universe’s offer and love for you, and loose yourself in whatever it has in store for you.

Expect magic to happen, when you say “YES” to getting lost!

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