365 Days of Happiness – October 6, 2017


When you feel good, you ARE in perfect alignment and co-creating with spirit, source, divine or how ever you love to call your higher good.

And it does not matter why you feel good… Maybe you feel good just because, how wonderful! Or because of something you do or work on, can’t beat that happiness! Or because of someone in your life, YAY for love!

All that matters is that you do feel good. Keep rocking your aligned co-creation! It suits you!

When you don’t feel good, you are not in alignment, and you are not co-creating with spirit. It’s more like you are co-creating with an “out-of-sink” mind-body-spirit-YOU.

If that is your state, stop right there and acknowledge it! And refrain from digging deep into the “why”.

Then shift to what does feel good, or even just a little better. Ask yourself, “How can I feel better?” Listen quietly and clearly, as your solution is given to you in thoughts, pictures, smells, sounds or other signs. Trust it and follow these divine directions.

Doing so, gets you back in alignment and co-creating with spirit for your higher good in no time.

Enjoy feeling good!

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