365 Days of Happiness – October 5, 2017

Light your light and shine!

Imagine a little glass lantern inside of your heart. And in that glass lantern is a candle. You are now opening the lantern and take the candle into your hands. You look at your candle and feel deep gratitude and love for it. With excitement you take a match and light your candle. Beautiful! Your light is now shining bright! You welcome your beautiful light in your hands! Then you put your bright light back into your lantern and close it. You put your hands to your heart and bow to your light. You feel your bright light lighting up your whole being. And you feel it shining bright from your inside towards all on your outside. You take a moment to breathe and to feel this! Well done, you are a bright shining being!

Feel your bright light often! Feel it lighting you up! And consciously set the intention to shine it onto other people, animals, nature, food and all situations in your life.

Shine people, shine! And then feel what happens!

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