365 Days of Happiness – October 2, 2017

Feel, feel and feel some more!

Ask yourself about everything that catches your awareness, “How or what do I feel while seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling or thinking about this?”

Believe in the first feeling that comes to your mind, because it is always real and true. Even if it is of lower vibration, like anger, sadness or such. Feel this feeling for as long as it “feels good” for you. And once it shifts to “feeling less than good”, move on to the next awareness catching thing you are gifted with to feel. Important is to never stay and grow roots once it does not feel good anymore.

If you don’t feel anything, have no worries, because there are millions of new awareness catching things awaiting you in every split second of your time. So you can do two things:

  • Excitedly move to the next awareness catching thing that is coming your way.
  • Happily add on to this “non-feeling” awareness catching thing. For example: you look at a picture of a blue sky that does not feel like anything for you. Maybe add clouds, a sun or a tree in your imagination, and see if by creating your perfect picture, you get a feeling. Once again, stay with that feeling as long as it “feels good” for you, and once it shifts to “less than good”, move on to the next eye catching thing that comes into your awareness.

Practicing this trains your feeling muscles. And we all know that a trained muscle is strong, powerful and healthy.

Training yourself to feel, means you understand yourself better, you fill your feeling tanks, you clean out the non fitting feelings through feeling them, and you heal and release what is ready to be healed and released.

Happy feeling!

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