365 Days of Happiness – September 27, 2017

What are you wildly waving back at?

Imagine you are walking in a parade, all excited and having fun. You see the mass of “all” standing on the sidewalk, waving and cheering at you. And because there is too much to see every detail, you catch glimpses of what and who IS on the sidewalk, waving and cheering you on.

Some of these glimpses feel like so much fun that you wave back wildly while flashing your biggest smile. Other glimpses don’t feel so good, so you acknowledge them and respond with your minimal reaction. And since it is a moving parade, there is really no time for you to stop and dissect the “who and why” of that less than feel good glimpse. So you just move on to the next fun glimpse, excited to waive and smile again.

Your new day is the same…

While you walk the parade of your new day, everything IS always there, waiving and cheering as a mass at you. So you catch glimpses…

It goes something like that… “Hey look at me and join being mad. Hey look over here and join seeing beauty. Hey, see me? Come and join being kind. Hey you, look at me and join seeing everything as a bummer.”

Now, catching all these glimpses, which ones:

  • Are you gonna wildly wave back at, and gift with your time and biggest smile?
  • Are you gonna acknowledge, and gift with your minimal reaction and no time?

Because hey, the parade of your new day is a moving on and forward kinda parade. There is so much new to see, hear, smell, taste, think, learn and feel in every new step of your parade.

Spend today training yourself to only stop, wave back and smile at the glimpses of all feel good nature. And all other glimpses, simply acknowledge while moving on with speed to the next feel good glimpse.

Try this just for today and feel what happens!

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