365 Days of Happiness – September 16, 2017

Everything has multiple sides!

Multiple sides to see, hear, taste, smell, feel and think of. And naturally one side always feels better than the others. Which clears up any questions you might have as to which side to choose. Always choose the best feeling one!

Here is a little story….

I drove by a beautiful meadow that was filled with all different wild flowers, grass and weeds mixed together. My first thought and feeling was “This is magically beautiful!” This view, and how it made me feel shifted my day into beauty. Very powerful!

Next time I drove by, I had to stop because the light changed to red. That created a little time for me to look at this meadow a bit closer. I saw that there was also lots of dead and un-pretty growth in between all these beautiful wild flowers and grass. Focusing on the un-pretty gave me a completely different feeling than last time I looked at this meadow. And clearly it was not a better feeling.

So right then and there I had a choice.

Do I keep seeing the beautiful meadow as a whole, and focus on how amazing this magical sight makes me feel? Or do I now only see the dead and un-pretty, and focus on how “not amazing” this makes me feel? I think you probably can guess which side I chose…

All sides always exist. And it is absolutely necessary to acknowledge them all with acceptance, respect, gratitude and love. Because all sides as a whole, make every experience rich and potent.

But after acknowledging it all, go do it your “high for life” way!

Use your power to choose…

What do you choose to see and focus on? How do you choose to feel? What do you choose to hear, taste and smell? How do you choose to think? And what do you choose to root for, and with that create more of?

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a “choosing” day!

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