365 Days of Happiness – September 11, 2017

Watch the most spectacular movie ever!

Imagine this…

You get yourself something nice to drink. A hot tea or a glass of wine might be fitting. You pair it with some delicious food. You prepare your comfy sofa with fluffy pillows and a soft blanket. You light a candle and snuggle up. You might even put on your vivid 3D glasses. You are beyond excited to observe this breathtaking movie that is about to play for you.

You hit play…

The opening picture is a stunning nature scenery, accompanied by breathtaking music. And then, the title appears…

“The Story of Your Phenomenal Life”


Please, sit back and enjoy being the observer of all you have accomplished, experienced, overcome, created and enjoyed. All you have seen, heard, felt, thought, smelled and tasted. And all you haven been, and all you are now.

Watch this best ever movie with admiration for the main character, and celebrate yourself infinitely.

You have done amazing and you are remarkable. Just watch your movie!

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