365 Days of Happiness – September 4, 2017

What feeling do you want to feel today?

Take some time, close your eyes, breathe deep and relax. Now ask yourself, “What feeling do I desire for my new day? What feeling will make my new day magnificent?” Once chosen, feel, see, taste, smell, hear, think and feel that desired feeling with every single cell of yours. Wonderful! Stay in this amazing space for as long as you like. Breathe and enjoy!

Next, ask yourself how you can create that desired feeling all day long. What activities, foods, sounds, clothes, colors, surroundings, people, animals, books, movies and other can you choose for yourself today, in order to create that desired feeling actively and consciously for you?

Make feeling your desired feeling a priority in your new day. And then go sprinkle it on everything and everyone that has the pleasure to come in contact with you.

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