365 Days of Happiness – September 1, 2017

Launch your powerful love rockets!

Imagine your heart as a boundless, powerful love rocket producing engine. Wow!

Those love rockets are stuffed with love, light, happiness and all other good feelings you like. And they are always ready to launch. Take a minute to visualize one of your love rockets. Look at it and feel the healing power it contains. Wow!

Now imagine launching these rockets, one by one:

  • To places in your physical body that are in pain and in need of healing. Visualize them arriving at its destination, healing right there on the spot. Feel this!
  • Into your mind, to meet your negative thoughts. Visualize the rockets swapping them with love, happiness and good feeling thoughts. Feel this!
  • Into your spirit, soul, source, or how you love to call your spiritual being. Reminding you of the pure and infinite love and light you are. Feel this!

Don’t stop there…

Also shoot your love rockets around wildly and spontaneously, without a reason, no planning and no set destination. Shoot them towards yourself, and everything and everyone around you. Have a blast, and launch them because they make you, and everyone around you feel amazing.

Launch generously, and know that your heart keeps producing more powerful love rockets for you.


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