365 Days of Happiness – September 30, 2017

Take every opportunity!

Every split second of your new day presents millions of opportunities to BE kind and show kindness towards yourself and others. What an amazing chance for us all to create and sprinkle everything and everyone with limitless kindness.

Kindness opens hearts!
Kindness enlightens!
Kindness = Mindfulness!
Kindness heals!
Kindness creates happiness!
Kindness spreads magic!

Enjoy your kind day!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a “kind-full” Day!

365 Days of Happiness – September 29, 2017

Space wide and root deep!

Creating and maintaining your own wide energetic space, in which your pure light and being can shine, is essential for your happiness. And so is grounding your energetic being with strong deep roots that preserve your bright light.

Here is a simple practice to “space wide and root deep”:

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe deep and fall in love with your beautiful breath! Smile.

Imagine that with every breath in, you expand your light and energetic being wide and big. Feel your energetic space grow humongous.

And with every breath out, imagine grounding and rooting your light and being through your feet, deep down into Mother Earth. Feel your energetic roots grow deep and strong into infinite depth.

Feel the rhythm and harmony in this dance between widening your light and deepening your roots.

Practice this often, and know that it also works with eyes wide open, while hustling and bustling in the amazing business of life.

365 Days of Happiness – September 28, 2017

Relax! BE! Let it all unfold!

Relax! Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe deep and beautifully in and out. Feel the resetting rhythm of your breath. Create this relaxing present moment with your breath often. Practice it with closed or open eyes, or looking at the sky. Create your “feel good” way.

BE! Close your eyes and turn all your senses completely and fully towards the inside of you.

  • Turn all your feeling towards the inside of you, and feel yourself inside.
  • Turn your eyes towards the inside of you, have them look at your heart.
  • Turn your ears towards the inside of you, let them hear your inner voice.
  • Turn your instinct towards the inside of you, and receive your messages.
  • Turn the senses of your nose and tongue towards the inside of you.
  • Turn all your thoughts towards the inside of you and make them about you and your higher good.
  • Turn and BE completely and fully inside of you.

Let it all unfold! Make everything that is not inside of you “none of your business”. And let everything that is not inside of you unfold as it goes…

This practice initiates a quiet and resetting spa day for your spirit.


365 Days of Happiness – September 27, 2017

What are you wildly waving back at?

Imagine you are walking in a parade, all excited and having fun. You see the mass of “all” standing on the sidewalk, waving and cheering at you. And because there is too much to see every detail, you catch glimpses of what and who IS on the sidewalk, waving and cheering you on.

Some of these glimpses feel like so much fun that you wave back wildly while flashing your biggest smile. Other glimpses don’t feel so good, so you acknowledge them and respond with your minimal reaction. And since it is a moving parade, there is really no time for you to stop and dissect the “who and why” of that less than feel good glimpse. So you just move on to the next fun glimpse, excited to waive and smile again.

Your new day is the same…

While you walk the parade of your new day, everything IS always there, waiving and cheering as a mass at you. So you catch glimpses…

It goes something like that… “Hey look at me and join being mad. Hey look over here and join seeing beauty. Hey, see me? Come and join being kind. Hey you, look at me and join seeing everything as a bummer.”

Now, catching all these glimpses, which ones:

  • Are you gonna wildly wave back at, and gift with your time and biggest smile?
  • Are you gonna acknowledge, and gift with your minimal reaction and no time?

Because hey, the parade of your new day is a moving on and forward kinda parade. There is so much new to see, hear, smell, taste, think, learn and feel in every new step of your parade.

Spend today training yourself to only stop, wave back and smile at the glimpses of all feel good nature. And all other glimpses, simply acknowledge while moving on with speed to the next feel good glimpse.

Try this just for today and feel what happens!

365 Days of Happiness – September 26, 2017

Be curious!

Being curious automatically opens your heart big and wide. Because curiosity initiates a wanting to learn more about something or someone, and that creates compassion.

Being curious also opens up a direct path to your childlike way of feeling in awe, seeing magic and believing in miracles. Just think of the beautiful phrase “I wonder…..”

Try this:

Breathe and say or think “I wonder…”.

Fill in the blanks if you like, or leave it open.

Now feel this amazing shift that happens, when you play with this phrase. It is a shift to a wide and open heart, wanting to know more, filled with compassion and possibilities for “in awe” moments, decorated with the believe that miracles and magic could be right around the corner.

I invite you to be a curiousness overachiever and say or think “I wonder…” often. And then really flow with this amazing feeling of “wonder” that overcomes you.

I wonder how many miracles you will encounter today, and how much magic you can spread to everything and everyone today.

365 Days of Happiness – September 25, 2017

Show up!

Everything is ready to start! Your stage for your new day is ready and prepared for you. All this show needs, is your powerful YOU to show up and commit to play and live your new day as alive, awake and vivid as possible.


  • Really use your eyes to see everything, and feel what you see.
  • Really use your ears to hear everything, and feel what you hear.
  • Really use your taste buds to taste everything, and feel what you taste.
  • Really use your nose to smell everything, and feel what you smell.
  • Really use your skin to touch everything, and feel what you touch.
  • Really use your thoughts to shift into your “high for life” frequency, and feel your thoughts.
  • Really use your heart to produce your love, and feel your love.
  • Really use your inner voice to guide you, and feel your guidance.
  • Really use positive words to lift everything and feel your words.
  • Really, really, really put your whole YOU into your new day, and feel yourself!

Wow! So alive and vivid!

“Glad you showed up!” your new day said with a smile. Let’s do this again tomorrow 🙂

365 Days of Happiness – September 23, 2017

You light up the world!

….With your unique and bright light.

That makes you officially a shiner! How cool is that?!

Here are some instructions to keep your unique light healthy and shining:

  • Accept. Respect. Thank. And love it all.
  • Breathe consciously while feeling blessed.
  • Meditate in your unique “feel good” way. Stillness or playing in nature.
  • Move your physical body while feeling “fun”.
  • Eat clean food while feeling happy.
  • Smile. Laugh.
  • Look out for people that light up the world around you and join them shining.
  • Play with children. They are pure shining lights, lighting up the world.
  • Be with animals and in nature. They shine super bright, just think fireflies.
  • Notice all shiny-ness around you. Imagine shining brightly together as a team.
  • Light candles, turn on salt lamps. Shine together with them, bright and brighter.

Be a determined super hero “shiner” of your unique bright light!

Why? Because that is your natural state. I call it happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Go shine!


365 Days of Happiness – September 22, 2017

Slow down!

I love to pull over into the slow lane on a multiple lane highway. Why? You might ask. Well the good news is, it is not out of fear or lack of driving talent. I simply love to slow down to the tempo that feels good for me, which usually is slower than most other hurried cars. Now don’t get me wrong, I have to be somewhere too, but funny enough I always get to my destination in time, even though I slow down.

But there is more I love about slowing down…

Driving (or any way of travelling, big or small) represents life to me. In both, driving and life, you have a starting point and a destination. And in the middle you have this amazing journey, that is packed with adventures, feelings, people, animals, nature and all you choose it to be. And the only way to see it all, is in a slower pace.

So when I hop in the car, I usually leave an amazing starting point and I am usually excited about an amazing destination. But mostly I am excited about this adventurous drive (even if it is the same route over and over), that has so much “new” in store for me. Slowing down lets me consciously see everything that IS for me. And I find that there is always something that catches my feelings and teaches me more about myself.

For me, slowing down is like changing to my magic channel!

I invite you to try this:

Slow down, no matter if in a car, on a bike or on foot. Breathe and feel yourself! Detach from everyone’s hurrying and let all hurrying pass beside you. Breathe and feel yourself! Now see and feel all this amazing-ness that IS for you, right now and here! Feel this! That is your magic channel!

Enjoy your amazing journey, while blessing your starting point and absolute knowing that you get to your destination on time, and in your most joyous way, because you slowed down.

365 Days of Happiness – September 21, 2017

Expect that all is well!

Your expectations directly impact your experiences. If you expect that the whole world is against you, then so it is. If you expect that the whole world means well for you, then so it is.

That does not mean you are in denial about some people having different expectations. It just means your focus is solely on your expectations and your experiences. And of course, you will have a blast drenching everything and everyone around you in your “All is well” magic.

Here is a little story…

Picture me in a big parking lot of a high school in the morning. Most are still half asleep or in a hurry, and some do not wanna be here at all. The energy is a mix of frustration, anger, sleepiness, some laughing, coolness and lots of “I don’t care”. Driving through this is definitely challenging. And for a split second my expectations went into the “oh gosh” direction. Immediately my inner alarm went off loud and clear, because that was not a good feeling. So I shifted my expectations to “Everyone is well, everyone means well and all IS well!” I thought this towards every person and every car I encountered, towards the ground and walls of the school, and everyone already in the school.

This expectation-shift initiated the energy of “complete wellness” in every cell of mine, and in that “well” state, I had the power to drench everyone and everything around me in that “complete wellness” as well.

The outcome was amazing. The collective energy of all (me included) shifted to everything being relaxed and courteous. All was well!

Set your expectations to…

  • All people in my awareness are meaning well and are well.
  • All situations and happenings in my awareness are meaning well and are well.
  • Everything in my awareness means well and is well. My car, my home, my job, my bank account, my bills mean well and are well. If you have any issues with your credit, you can always apply for a Petal credit card and feel a sense of relief.
  • Everything that happened in my past meant well and is well.
  • Everything that is in my now means well and is well.
  • Everything in my future means well and is well.
  • I mean well and am well!

… And see what happens!

I expect that all means well and all IS well!

365 Days of Happiness – September 20, 2017

BE lightness!

Being lighthearted, thinking light-minded and feeling light-weighted keeps your energy vibrating in a frequency of lightness. And in that frequency is where you can feel love for all there IS, no matter what is happening right now for you.

So, consciously feel, see, hear, smell, taste, speak and think “lightness” about everything.

Say or think often, “I am lightness, and everything there IS, is lightness.” Feel this shift to your lightness!

Laugh, play and goof off. Doing so is a guaranteed shift to BE and stay lightness.

Put on clothing that feel light, shoes that make you feel light, eat food that is light and do physical activities that make you feel light.

And focus on all light things in your awareness. Because noticing and feeling all lightness around you, shifts you to your lightness. Watch for feathers, light fabrics, fluffs, cotton balls, cotton candy… And go find all these “light” dust bunnies in your home, they are your best “lightness shifter” ever.

BE lightness and your life IS lightness!