365 Days of Happiness – August 19, 2017


Change your and everyone else’s day with being excited for them and with trust in them. Tell them about it…

This can sound something like this:

“I am excited for you! I am excited for all the amazingness, beauty, abundance, joy, adventure and goodness that is in store for you! You are brilliant, limitless, strong and magnificent in every way, and I know that you will always find your way. Because you are an always knowing powerful spirit/source! I trust in that! I am super excited for you!”

Speak your excitement to yourself and as many people you encounter today and watch what the shift that takes place for you and everyone else.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! I am excited for you ❤️

365 Days of Happiness – August 18, 2017

What do you love right now?

Ask yourself this question first thing waking up, and last thing before you fall asleep. And then every hour during your day. Set a “love reminder” alarm for it.

When the alarm goes off, choose something that you love right then and there. Focus on your amazing feeling of loving the chosen “it”. Stay in this “love feeling” for the next hour. At the next alarm, choose something new that you love right then and there. And on you go…

Your love could be for the sun when you wake up. The coffee, a song, your chair or a smile during your day. And your comfy pillow at night. Whatever sparks your love right then and there is perfect.

Practicing this and making it your routine will constantly shift you, and keep you in a frequency of “high for life”. It will train you to feel happy all the time!

365 Days of Happiness – August 17, 2017

Today is your brand new day! You never experience it before.

Every breath you take is brand new, because you have never taken this exact breath before.

When you wake up, make coffee, have breakfast, it is all brand new. You have not woken up in this brand new day before, or tasted that exact coffee and breakfast before.

When you get to work, it is all brand new, you have not had this work day before.

When you hug and kiss, it is brand new. You never had that exact hug and kiss before.

When you interact with family, friends or people, it is all brand new. You have not had this interaction before. And they are all having a brand new day themselves too. That makes it double brand new!

When you see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel, it is all brand new. You have never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, thought or felt this exact, and in this moment before.

The only reason why it does not feel brand new, is because of your past experiences, which created thoughts, feelings and believes, that you are hanging on to and bringing over into this brand new moment.

For example…

Think of enjoying a brand new fresh home cooked meal. When devoured, you put the plate on the counter without cleaning it. Time for your next brand new fresh home cooked meal. You take the dirty crusty plate, and put the brand new fresh food on it. Time to enjoy! Well, the brand new food will not taste brand new or fresh at all with the old food underneath. Because not only is the old food not fit for consumption anymore, but the old food also was of different taste than the new food. Which makes the experience of the brand new food impure.


Imagine your past is a beautiful book of your sacred past journey. With gratitude close your old book today. Knowing that you can always open it up to spend some quiet time together. Put every moment that just WAS into your beautiful book. Fill those pages! And then move forward, experiencing every moment that IS as the brand new gift it is meant to be.

365 Days of Happiness – August 16, 2017

You ARE amazing!

Pause for a bit and feel the uplift of that sentence!

The word amazing comes with the energy of breathtaking, stunning, on top of the world, nothing better or simply incredible.

Using it lifts whatever or whoever you are amazed about, and whoever says it, into a high for life frequency.

Try it! Say or think:

  • “I am amazing!” Feel the uplift.
  • “You are amazing!” Feel the uplift.
  • “This is amazing!” Feel the uplift.
  • “Life is amazing! Feel the uplift.

Look around you and see, hear, taste, smell, feel all amazingness and spread “amazing” plentiful.

Enjoy the uplift into your “high for life” frequency.

365 Days of Happiness – August 15, 2017

Live your new day as a road trip!

When you decide to take a road trip, you choose a desired destination. You plan the route, check the car and the weather. You prepare and pack. Time to go! The road conditions change every second, from curvy to straight, and bumpy to smooth. Traffic changes from no traffic to traffic and giving gas to hitting the breaks. A detour is always a possibility. The weather and scenery change constantly. Everything changes in every second of your road trip. And you adapt to all these changes easily. Because you know that you planned your destination and change is normal. That is how a road trip goes, it’s an adventure. And no matter what IS, you are excited and choose to have fun!

What if you would live your new day as it is an exciting road trip? 

You set a desired destination of where and how you want to be at the end of your day. You check and plan the best route and attitude to get there. You pack and prepare so you set the right tone for your day. Time to go! The conditions of your day change every second, from straight forward, to curvy and from bumpy to smooth. Maybe even a detour. It’s time to give gas and then hit the breaks. Everything constantly changes. But you adapt easily, because you know that you planned your destination and change is normal. That is how a day goes, it’s an adventure. And no matter what IS, you are excited and choose to have fun. 

Happy travels!

365 Days of Happiness – August 14, 2017

Are you happy right now?

Such a simple, yet so incredibly important and valuable question.

Asking yourself “Am I happy right now?”, will give you immediate understanding and clarity about how you are doing in the feeling department.

If your answer is anything less than yes, grab this moment and do whatever it takes to shift your thoughts to gratitude, see all beauty, smell deliciousness, taste yumminess, hear sounds of being “alive” and feel the magic in and around you.

And by all means, if you need, take all support available. For me chocolate always does the shift.

Don’t forget to ask others “Are you happy?”. This amazing question has the same effect on them!

Ask away, all the time! The more, the more clarity!

365 Days of Happiness – August 12, 2017

Mindfully present!

Being present means you are consciously in your now. You are aware and focused on your now. “I am here, right now!”

Being mindful means you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel your now consciously. “I experience my now, right now!”

For example…

Being present: Right now is my new morning, I am sitting in my living room, hanging out with all cats.

Being mindful: Right now, I see my beautiful living room, it is a loving sight. I hear the vivid noise of nature though the open windows, they are sounds of life. I smell fresh coffee, it is the smell of deliciousness. I taste this fresh coffee, it is a taste of smiles. I scan my whole body and feel every feeling there is for me, the good and the not so good, that feels peaceful. I consciously think thoughts of acceptance, respect, gratitude and love towards all that IS, that feels happy. This, right now, is a very sentient moment.

Mindfully present is where all magic IS!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a magical one!

365 Days of Happiness – August 11, 2017


Imagine that there is a trampoline for every possible feeling you experience. Once you feel a feeling, you automatically are jumping on that trampoline. So if you feel love, you are jumping on the love trampoline. Jumping on that love trampoline will constantly refill you with more love. And only love manifestations exist there.

That means if you are angry, you immediately are jumping on the angry trampoline. And not only do you keep refilling yourself with renewed anger while jumping there, but it is also where only angry manifestations exist.

So the goal is to mostly jump on trampolines that are of high frequency, like happiness, love, excitement, abundance, playfulness and healthiness…

Now if you find yourself angry, that is OK. Accept, respect, thank and love your anger for showing up, it is part of you. And if needed, jump a bit on your angry trampoline. Just don’t grow roots there, or jump there forever!

Rather shift your feeling to a high vibration frequency as soon as you can, and find yourself jumping on a feel good trampoline, refueling and manifesting amazing things in no time!

Happy jumping!

365 Days of Happiness – August 10, 2017

Do you worry?

We all know that worrying creates a load of energies that shift you in the total opposite direction of happiness, abundance and health. Because worries grow from your fears, distrust and non-believe. But yet, we do worry.

Today, instead of going deep into the “why and understanding” of your worries, lets playfully let go of your worries.


A sky with lots of colorful balloons. These balloons are there for you whenever a worry pops up.

When your worry arrives, without investing yourself emotionally into it, acknowledge it and say or think “Oh hello worry, I accept, respect, thank and love you.” That resolves any resistance you already have towards that worry, and insures that no new resistance is created.

Now pick a balloon you like and pull it down close to you. Write your worry onto the tag on the balloon. Bless it and let the balloon with your worry go… Watch them fly high, until you can’t see them anymore. You let go, and they are gone. Breathe!

Imagination at its best!

365 Days of Happiness – August 9, 2017


Every twist comes with a powerful and complex energy that vibrates in a frequency of “infinite new possibilities”.

Twists are amazing catalysts to get something jump started, awakened, expanded and changed. Twists represent turns, bends and new ways. Twists initiate flexibility and a stretched presence. Twists help to detox, flush out and let go. But yet, twists are playful and gentle. What a powerful mix of energy! Consciously feel this!

Since everything is connected, every twist you take while being conscious about it, will shift you to that powerful energy of that twist.

So let’s get twisting…

  • Physical body: Twist your body with yoga, exercise, or go dance and twist. Consciously feel every twist and how your body and energy shifts!
  • Mind and Thoughts:  Twist with all that is new. Especially all new and different that is not your usual. Read, see, hear, taste and smell anything new that comes into your awareness. Twist in harmony with that new, and consciously feel how your mind and thoughts open up and expand. New thoughts and possibilities are born that way!
  • Spirit and Feelings: Twist with different and new meditations, teachings, music, literature and practices. Twist things up and enjoy the enrichment of your feelings, combined with the deepening and expansion of your spiritual being. Consciously feel this!

Also visualize…

  • Imagine yourself sitting on the ground, twisting your body, feeling how delicious and freeing this feels. Feel your shift!
  • Imagine twisting your mind. First twist it deep to the right, pause for a bit. See, hear, taste, feel and smell how different and beautiful it is on your far right. Let all visions and inspirations flow freely. Come back to the middle. Now twist it deep to the left, rest there for a bit.  See, hear, taste, feel and smell how different and amazing it is on your far left. Let all your insights flow freely. Come back to your middle. Feel how your mind and thoughts expanded. Wow!
  • Imagine twisting your spiritual and energetic being. Twist to the left, then to the right, and up and down. Let all new feelings and spiritual awakenings flow through you. Feel that your consciousness expands and deepens on every level. Breathe and enjoy!

Also notice all the twists around you. In bakery goods, candies, paintings, in crafting and clothing stores and in nature. Acknowledge the twists, and tune into the powerful energy mix of those twists. Then consciously feel your shift.

Enjoy twisting!