365 Days of Happiness – August 22, 2017

Go swing!

Imagine yourself sitting on a swing. You start swinging. At first you swing slow and low, back and forth. Then your swinging gets stronger, faster and higher. You start smiling, because that is an natural reaction to swinging. But soon enough you can’t hold it in any longer and burst out with happy laughter. Weeeeee…!!!

When swinging forward you experience a powerful feeling of rising up, going high and higher and wanting more. What a joy! Swinging forward is all about joy, excitement, boldness and wanting faster, higher and more.

When swinging backwards you experience the collection and gain of enormous strength and power that you will use in your next swing forward to go even faster and higher. Swinging backwards is all about collecting and gaining your mighty-ness, and getting ready for the next powerful forward swing.

Both, swinging backward and forward are a harmonious dance, and one needs the other to succeed.

Feel this swinging vibration!

Now take this into your day! Swing forward with joy and wee-ness. Have a blast, be excited and bold, with wanting to swing high and higher. But don’t forget to let yourself swing backwards, to collect all your mighty-ness and gain infinite power for your next high forward swing.

Enjoy this harmony!

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