365 Days of Happiness – August 17, 2017

Today is your brand new day! You never experience it before.

Every breath you take is brand new, because you have never taken this exact breath before.

When you wake up, make coffee, have breakfast, it is all brand new. You have not woken up in this brand new day before, or tasted that exact coffee and breakfast before.

When you get to work, it is all brand new, you have not had this work day before.

When you hug and kiss, it is brand new. You never had that exact hug and kiss before.

When you interact with family, friends or people, it is all brand new. You have not had this interaction before. And they are all having a brand new day themselves too. That makes it double brand new!

When you see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel, it is all brand new. You have never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, thought or felt this exact, and in this moment before.

The only reason why it does not feel brand new, is because of your past experiences, which created thoughts, feelings and believes, that you are hanging on to and bringing over into this brand new moment.

For example…

Think of enjoying a brand new fresh home cooked meal. When devoured, you put the plate on the counter without cleaning it. Time for your next brand new fresh home cooked meal. You take the dirty crusty plate, and put the brand new fresh food on it. Time to enjoy! Well, the brand new food will not taste brand new or fresh at all with the old food underneath. Because not only is the old food not fit for consumption anymore, but the old food also was of different taste than the new food. Which makes the experience of the brand new food impure.


Imagine your past is a beautiful book of your sacred past journey. With gratitude close your old book today. Knowing that you can always open it up to spend some quiet time together. Put every moment that just WAS into your beautiful book. Fill those pages! And then move forward, experiencing every moment that IS as the brand new gift it is meant to be.

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