365 Days of Happiness – August 12, 2017

Mindfully present!

Being present means you are consciously in your now. You are aware and focused on your now. “I am here, right now!”

Being mindful means you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel your now consciously. “I experience my now, right now!”

For example…

Being present: Right now is my new morning, I am sitting in my living room, hanging out with all cats.

Being mindful: Right now, I see my beautiful living room, it is a loving sight. I hear the vivid noise of nature though the open windows, they are sounds of life. I smell fresh coffee, it is the smell of deliciousness. I taste this fresh coffee, it is a taste of smiles. I scan my whole body and feel every feeling there is for me, the good and the not so good, that feels peaceful. I consciously think thoughts of acceptance, respect, gratitude and love towards all that IS, that feels happy. This, right now, is a very sentient moment.

Mindfully present is where all magic IS!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make is a magical one!

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