365 Days of Happiness – August 10, 2017

Do you worry?

We all know that worrying creates a load of energies that shift you in the total opposite direction of happiness, abundance and health. Because worries grow from your fears, distrust and non-believe. But yet, we do worry.

Today, instead of going deep into the “why and understanding” of your worries, lets playfully let go of your worries.


A sky with lots of colorful balloons. These balloons are there for you whenever a worry pops up.

When your worry arrives, without investing yourself emotionally into it, acknowledge it and say or think “Oh hello worry, I accept, respect, thank and love you.” That resolves any resistance you already have towards that worry, and insures that no new resistance is created.

Now pick a balloon you like and pull it down close to you. Write your worry onto the tag on the balloon. Bless it and let the balloon with your worry go… Watch them fly high, until you can’t see them anymore. You let go, and they are gone. Breathe!

Imagination at its best!

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