365 Days of Happiness – August 3, 2017

What do you see?

Imagine you are on a beautiful island with a white sandy beach, happy palm trees, turquoise water, a clear blue sky and the sun is shining. You are taking a wonderful nap in a hammock, under palm trees in the shade. You are now waking up and opening your eyes. Wow! All you can see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel is this absolute beauty of white sand, blue water, happy palm trees, blue sky and a powerful sun. You are in awe! This beauty is filling your mind, body and spirit. You smile! All is well.

…And only after a while you also notice the chipped paint on the bungalow you are staying at, the algae on the beach, the smell of trash, the hole in the hammock… But all this does not matter a bit and is tiny, compared to this gigantic beauty you saw and focused on first, when you opened your eyes.

See how things move to the backseat depending on what you first choose to see and focus on?

Train yourself to see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel the gigantic beauty of everything first. I promise you, it is always there! Doing so will shifts you to such a powerful frequency of amazing-ness, that everything else will become tiny and unimportant.

In short… Just see the beach, water, palm trees, sky and sun in everything first!

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