365 Days of Happiness – August 31, 2017

Love is in the sky!

I experienced a heart-love reminder up in the blue yesterday!

Consciously see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel all that love:

  • FEEL your heart wide open, producing, spreading and receiving love.
  • SEE  love in everything and everyone you encounter, including yourself.
  • SMELL love in every delicious scent.
  • HEAR love in every noise and sound.
  • TASTE love in all the yumminess you indulge in.
  • THINK “I love you!” towards everything and everyone, including yourself.

And notice all the hearts everywhere. They are reminders to keep you in alignment with you grandest power. Your love!

Love is in the sky!


365 Days of Happiness – August 30, 2017

“Everything is under control!”

Sounds great! Until you loose that control.

Keeping everything under control is exhausting work, and pretty much impossible. You also create a huge amount of resistance if you loose the control you established. And once lost, you use up a lot of your energy to re-establish it. That is precious energy that could go into feeling happy.

A better way to see, feel and think is “Everything is as it is. I accept, respect, thank and love all that is.” Breathe and feel…

That let’s you create peace with how things are right now and find gratitude in what is right now. You will shift into a resistance free frequency, where control is not needed. And from there, you can move forward and create a different and new “IS”. Just imagine, think and feel as you want it to be.

“Nothing is ever under control. Because everything is simply as it IS!”

365 Days of Happiness – August 29, 2017

See all value!

Because everything and everyone has a value. That is fact!

Everything that is going great for you has value, and everyone that you like and love has value. That value is easy to see, hear, feel and think.

But… So does everything and everyone that you don’t like. They all have immense value as well. Value for you and value for themselves.

So find all value and focus on it! Put extra effort into finding the enormous value in all that you don’t like. Soon enough, you will shift from dislike, to liking everything and everyone for the value they are.

365 Days of Happiness – August 28, 2017

BE with yourself!

Make it a regular practice to spend time with yourself. Without any distractions, sit alone in quiet, with nothing to do, nothing to listen to and nothing to look at. Just you with yourself for a couple of minutes.

Consciously ask yourself:

  • How does my body feel?
  • How does my heart feel?
  • How is my mind doing?
  • How is my mood?
  • What are my feelings?
  • What is going on in me?

Feel yourself and let everything sink in. Without judgement, no right or wrong and no good or bad. It all just IS. You accept, respect, thank and love it all as IS.


I promise you that you will never ever feel lonely or bored again if you practice the beauty of “To BE with yourself” often.

Because let’s face it, the best stuff always happens in yourself and with yourself. So why not indulge in yourself consciously, and enjoy the harvest of all that good stuff you have in yourself.

Have fun!

365 Days of Happiness – August 26, 2017

Visualize and feel ahead!

Just like you plan ahead your events for the day, or your moments that lay in front of you, you can visualize and feel ahead your events for your new day, or visualize and feel ahead moment by moment.

Visualize yourself as you want to be and exactly how you want it to happen. And then feel how wonderful you feel in your perfect visualization.

Make every “visualize and feel ahead” your personal short film of your new moment and new day ahead.

And then enjoy what happens!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fabulous new film!

365 Days of Happiness – August 25, 2017

Tidy up!

Before you go to sleep, sift through your “what IS” and “what I want”, in order to tidy up and be in magnificent standings with all. Naturally your sleep will be tidy, because that is the frequency you are vibrating in when you fall asleep.

So lets tidy up…

Look at what IS:

  • The not so good… Accept, respect, thank and love it all! This removes all resistance you have towards it, and lets you move on. Feel the peacefulness you shift into. And then move on to the good.
  • The good… Indulge and bathe in it, see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel it all. Imagine filling every cell of yours with it. Feel the gratefulness you shift into. Enjoy this and then move on to what you want.

Look at what you want:

  • See, hear, smell, taste, think and feel what you want, and how you want it. Go all out, visualize, imagine and feel it all without limits. Indulge into this magic and smile. Feel your abundant heart. Now close your eyes and fall asleep. Sweet dreams!

I recommend to practice the “what you want” visualizations first thing when you wake up as well. That sets the tone for your amazing new day. Because it makes sure that you and the whole universe are absolutely clear of what you want and how you want it.

Tidy for the win!

365 Days of Happiness – August 24, 2017

Ready, set, go!

Break the universal record of making everyone and everything feel amazing about themselves! You included.

You might be that one “feel good” kick they need to change their lives. How powerful is that?

And with making them feel amazing, you get sprinkled with that “high for life” energy too. Because for one, we are all connected, so everything spreads. And for two, you immediately shift to your happiness when you up-lift someone.

As to the how… Follow your inner guidance to know exactly how you can up-lift someone or something, including yourself. You have all the knowing in you.

So be an up-lifter! Serve, help, compliment, gift, admire, smile at, hug, kiss and be kind to everyone and everything around you. Including yourself.

Make today a “feel spectacular” day for all. And enjoy the ripple effect of happiness!

365 Days of Happiness – August 23, 2017

Be that one bird!

I witnessed a powerful reminder situation, where a huge, amazing and majestic tree was completely occupied by hundreds of black birds. The tree seemed happy and proud to host that huge community of birds. And the birds seemed to be having a great time on that tree, and with each other. Hence all the happy loud noise they shared with everyone. A picture of harmony, joy and lots of fun.

Then suddenly, one bird flew off… All by itself. He flew up and down, left and right, and fast and slow. He seemed to absolutely enjoy his playful time in the sky. It was amazing to watch!

Which brings me to the powerful reminder…

This bird was going for his truth! He went and did his own thing, which was the only right thing for him at that moment. He went and made himself happy, with doing what he knew will make him happy. Without minding that all the other hundred birds were still happily hanging out in that tree, producing happy noise.


Be that one bird for you!

365 Days of Happiness – August 22, 2017

Go swing!

Imagine yourself sitting on a swing. You start swinging. At first you swing slow and low, back and forth. Then your swinging gets stronger, faster and higher. You start smiling, because that is an natural reaction to swinging. But soon enough you can’t hold it in any longer and burst out with happy laughter. Weeeeee…!!!

When swinging forward you experience a powerful feeling of rising up, going high and higher and wanting more. What a joy! Swinging forward is all about joy, excitement, boldness and wanting faster, higher and more.

When swinging backwards you experience the collection and gain of enormous strength and power that you will use in your next swing forward to go even faster and higher. Swinging backwards is all about collecting and gaining your mighty-ness, and getting ready for the next powerful forward swing.

Both, swinging backward and forward are a harmonious dance, and one needs the other to succeed.

Feel this swinging vibration!

Now take this into your day! Swing forward with joy and wee-ness. Have a blast, be excited and bold, with wanting to swing high and higher. But don’t forget to let yourself swing backwards, to collect all your mighty-ness and gain infinite power for your next high forward swing.

Enjoy this harmony!

365 Days of Happiness – August 21, 2017

BE squeaky clean!

What a fantastic energetic cleaning day this is!

Consciously notice all the “non fitting” thoughts and feelings that show up for you. I am talking about all the ones that don’t make you feel like a super star.

Acknowledge them one by one, without getting emotionally invested, and have a cleansing chit-chat with them. Say or think “I accept, respect, thank and love you. It’s time for you to move out, and me to move on. I am releasing you and letting you go.”

Breathe and feel this cleansing! Then move into a better thought or feeling about the subject. Hold yourself in this new and better space for as long as you like.

And on to the next one…

Happy cleaning!