365 Days of Happiness – July 28, 2017

Here is why to urgently go bake your own cake!


Someone close to you makes their own cake. Designed to their preferences and deliciousness. They finished it, but they are not necessarily showing or offering the cake to you. But since you are close, you naturally see their finished yummy cake. You can’t resist, so you stick your finger in their cake, take a nice bite out and start licking. Wow, that tastes so good…

…Until you realize that they never offered this cake to you, and that this is not your cake to taste. Oops!

Now imagine this story if you would also have your own personalized cake made and finished. It would be very different, because you could walk up, show your cake and suggest a taste exchange. Not only would this be a delicious tasting experience, but also one that would last.

Now read the above stories again, but replace the word cake with the word happiness.

So, are you an accomplished cake maker?

Or would it be urgently needed for you to go and make your own amazing cake-happiness right now?

Enjoy making and tasting!

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