365 Days of Happiness – July 25, 2017

What kind of water do you need right now?

  • Bubbly for more inner sparkling energy
  • Still for more inner stillness
  • Water with lemon, for detox and a refresh
  • Water with honey, for more inner sweetness
  • Water with fruit, for more fun and playfulness
  • Water with any tea, fitting your needs
  • Water with blooms, for beauty and gentleness

Water in itself IS already a spectacular delivery source of flowing, clean, moving, clear, detoxing, alive and refreshing energy.

Adding ingredients that match your energetic needs, will create your unique “water energy cocktail”. And that cocktail is filled to the brim with high vibrational energy, customized for your needs.

So mix and match consciously, then acknowledge and feel that “water energy cocktail” for its qualities, drink it and enjoy!

Water magic at its best!

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