365 Days of Happiness – July 21, 2017

The magnificent feeling of “flying high for life”!

What makes you feel like you could hug the whole world? And when do you feel like you could hug the whole world?

  • Listening to music?
  • Dancing?
  • Exercising?
  • Meditating?
  • Being playful?

Become aware of the when and the what, that makes you feel like “flying high for life”. Now make a list of all these “feel good” ingredients, and have some fun creating your personal “flying high for life” recipe.

Next, schedule your “flying high for life” activities in your new day. All it takes is a couple minutes here and there… Now stick to your plan.

If you happen to catch yourself in a low during your day, look at your list and pick any of your tools to rise up and “fly high for life” again.

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