365 Days of Happiness – July 17, 2017

Simplicity and back to basics!

Just as a simple and basic meal of “one egg sunny side up and toast” (or any other simple meal) can bring so much comfort and deliciousness, a simple and basic life attitude can bring you comfort, peace, love, light and happiness.

Lets do an inventory… Think about what is not feeling good right now. Think about where you are overwhelmed. Think about what is not working for you. Most likely you will find that all these have one thing in common, they are all complicated. Complication took over because you shifted away from the basics and simplicity of the experience called life.

So let’s consciously shift back to basic and simple…

  • Slow down
  • Breathe
  • Observe
  • Listen
  • Feel
  • See
  • Taste


  • Exercise and move your body
  • Sleep and rest
  • Eat clean food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Meditate, pray, consciously connect to source
  • Laugh and play
  • Be in awe


  • Focus on all good
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude
  • Serve and help others
  • See the gift in all
  • Love it all

Back to basics and simplicity! Works every time!

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