365 Days of Happiness – July 15, 2017

This morning I took part in a class and could not stop looking at the beautiful flowers next to the speaker. I kept admiring the blooms, colors and the energy these flowers spread.

This exchange I had with these flowers was incredibly healing and potent. Because all the qualities I admired in them, I have too. And all the beauty I saw in them, I am too. So I took this amazing “mirror” these flowers offered me, and shifted from admiring them, to admiring the same qualities in me. And then I ended my thoughts with admiring both of us the same way.

A bit later in the day I noticed a peregrine falcon, flying high up in his powerful way. I admired him in awe. And again, what I admire in him, I have too. And what I see in him, I am too. It is a mirror.

This is the same for you!

So pay attention of what comes into your awareness in an admirable way. Consciously realize what qualities you admire in such. Feel them and then shift to feeling and admiring these qualities in you too.

Because every such exchange is a gift for you to receive.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it an admiration day!

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