365 Days of Happiness – July 13, 2017

Bless everything and everyone that troubles you!

Doing so neutralizes and cleans your energy, because it shifts you from your troubled feelings to a state of love, acceptance, respect and gratitude. And that initiates the opportunity for you to let go and move on. Not to mention that all troubles are gifts in disguise. So blessing your troubles means you are blessing your gifts.

Let’s first start with cleansing what already troubles you:

Close your eyes and consciously think about your troubles, one by one. Acknowledge it (but don’t get invested in feeling it) and spend just enough time with each trouble to bless it, show gratitude towards it, pray for it, or meditate on it. Make your blessing fitting for you and your beliefs.


Close your eyes and consciously think about every person that troubles you. One by one, with refraining from feeling the trouble. Bless each one of them and wish them all well. Again, make your blessings fitting for you and your beliefs.

You are now reset, fresh and ready to go!

Now, moving forward in your new day, deal with what troubles you right away.

For example: Trouble shows up, either as a situation or a person. Consciously acknowledge the trouble and your feelings. Try not to judge! Immediately bless the trouble. Do it with a heart full of gratitude and well wishes. Feel how this instantly cleans and resets you. Which means it instantly cleans and resets the trouble as well. And that cleanness and resetting will spread to everything and everyone around you. Which means they will spread it further and also back to you.

Wow! Just think how much goodness comes out of that!

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