365 Days of Happiness -July 11, 2017

Have some quality time with your mirror!

We all look in the mirror every day, quick and fast to get ready for the day. And then one last look before we leave. Looking good, let’s go!

But you are not looking consciously at “you”. You are looking at how you look, in a hurry and without really feeling yourself. And most likely while thinking about your new day.

Spending quality time with yourself in front of the mirror pulls your mind and spirit close to your physical body. And all three together make up “you” as a whole. It also creates a deep awareness of your physical body for you, which initiates gentleness and self love. And both are essential to experience a happy life.

So here is how…

  • Take some quiet time, relax and consciously look at yourself in the mirror. Look at all details in your face, your hair and your body. Really see and feel yourself. Acknowledge all your thoughts and feelings. Let them come and go. No judgement.
  • Then, looking at yourself, say to every part of your body “I love you!” Feel and see yourself lovingly. Enjoy as long and often as you like!

Also, have some fun!

  • Smile, be angry, sad, jealous while looking at yourself in the mirror. Sing, act, do yoga, dance or meditate with open eyes while seeing yourself in the mirror. Eat and drink in front of the mirror. When waiting in the car, look at yourself in the mirror. Take every chance you get and look in those mirrors!
  • Go have the most amazing chit-chats with yourself while looking at the mirror. Saying “Hey gorgeous, you look amazing today!” while looking at yourself goes a long energetic way. Just saying…
  • And get yourself a small mirror to keep in your purse or pocket. So you always have access to your spectacular looks!

Enjoy your precious mirror time, while creating amazing “high for life” energy for you.

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