365 Days of Happiness – June 28, 2017

Stop and reset! 

Right now! Takes 2 minutes!

Stop moving, stand still. Stop seeing, close your eyes. Stop hearing, cover your ears. Stop thinking, focus on your breath. 

Enter and feel your nothing space in you! Stay there as long as you like. Beautiful!

Ready to get busy again?

Uncover your ears and listen to all sounds. Address them with “That is a bird, that is a car, that is a person…” Just acknowledge all you hear.

Now open your eyes and see everything. Address it with “Wow, that is beautiful, oh this is precious, and that is spectacular …” Just acknowledge how amazing it all looks.

Then re-create your thoughts with “I am so beautiful, I am the most fabulous, I am super smart, I am 100% healthy…” Just acknowledge the infinitely amazing being you are.

And then at last, start wiggling your body and get moving again. Address every step with “This is the most amazing step ever, and the next one is the most adventurous ever…” Acknowledge that you are blessed with every step you take.

Enjoy your reset!

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