365 Days of Happiness – June 26, 2017

Go smell all of the deliciousness!

Because delicious smells initiate delicious feelings in you. And those delicious feelings are delicious energy. And naturally, that delicious energy runs on delicious information like, fresh, clean, relaxing, energizing, luxurious, uplifting, sweet, healing, love, joy, abundance…

So smelling and feeling deliciousness consciously, means you automatically will vibrate in a delicious “high for life” frequency. And it only makes sense that this creates a delicious day!

Some delicious smelling opportunities could be…

Walk in nature and smell all plants, trees, flowers, dirt and water. Stick your nose high into the sky and smell the air. Walk on the beach and smell the sand, salt and water. Go to a store and smell all organic essential oils they have. Step into a bakery and smell all the yummy baked goods, or stick your nose into a fabulous restaurant and take a delicious whiff.

Smell whatever fits your range of delicious smells and enjoy!

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