365 Days of Happiness – June 24, 2017

Ask yourself, “What energy am I in need of?”

Then look around and find something that already IS the energy you are looking for.

Do you need support? Find a wall.
Do you need flow? Be with water.
Do you need coziness? Enjoy candle light and a bubble bath.
Do you need softness? Feel a soft blanket.
Do you need grounding? Lay on the ground.
Do you need sweetness? Taste honey.
Do you need spice and fire? Indulge in spicy food.
Do you need clarity? Talk to a clear glass.

As an example… If you are in need of support, find a wall. Because a wall is running on the information of being support and supportive. That means it already IS the energy of support. Which makes it vibrate in a frequency of support. You leaning on a wall, feeling the wall and becoming one with it, shifts you automatically to that supportive frequency.

Same with water. If you are looking for flow, water is your best friend. Because water already IS flowing energy. You playing with or in water, and having a conversation about flow with water, will shift you to the same frequency that water is vibrating in, which is flow.

Or let’s say you are looking for love. Hold and feel a gift you were given by a loved one. That gift is programmed with the energy of love, because it was given to you through love. That means it is vibrating in a frequency of love and your shift to love is immediate.

Experience and have fun playing around with all these amazing energies around you. And enjoy your spectacular ride on your chosen “high for life” frequency!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a Fun-Day, and practice happiness!


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