365 Days of Happiness – June 22, 2017

Lets talk about your focus!

  • How strong can you focus on your peace inside of you?
  • How strong can you focus on your happiness and you feeling good?
  • How strong can you focus on abundance in every way?
  • How strong can you focus on being healthy?
  • How strong can you focus on all that is going right for you?
  • How strong can you focus on all the good in everything and everyone?

And where is your focus? Is it out there on others? Or is it where it supposed to be, in you and focused on you? And is your focus on something positive or negative?

To work with your focus, locate it first. Now feel your focus. Where is it and what is it on? Next, pull it into you and onto you. Now train it consciously to stay in you, on you and inside your range of “feeling good”. Make it strong and disciplined!

To reach clarity of your desired focus, become aware of all that is not as you wish it to be. Ask yourself “How do I want it to be?” And then with all your strength and discipline, focus on your wanted outcome. Don’t let go of that focus!

If you do find yourself slipping back to focusing on others, or the undesired outcome, simply shift your focus back to you and your wanted outcome. And stick to it like superglue.

Practice, and practice hard. Because what you focus on manifests.

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