365 Days of Happiness – June, 20, 2017

Your beautiful mouth does way more than showing off your amazing lips, carry your sparkly teeth and opening up for wonderful sounds to enter the world.

Used properly it can also immediately lift your energy into happiness through exercise and silliness.

Try it! Start moving your mouth around. Move it to the left, to the right, up and down. Move it in and out and make circles both ways. Involve your tongue if you like, and make sounds if you can’t resist. Be creative and play with it. The crazier the better!

Not only does your fabulous face get circulation going and feels fresh with it, you also create feelings of silliness and happiness in you. It will make you smile and laugh.


Feel how you shift into a “high for life” frequency with playing with your spectacular mouth, that is always right there with you and ready to play.

Enjoy, practice often and share with everyone!

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