365 Days of Happiness – June 17, 2107

“Honor” is your magic word for the day!

“I honor my new day. I honor my life. I honor myself and my body. I honor you. I honor our relationship. I honor to be of service to you. I honor my work and chores. I honor everything and everyone.”

How does saying or thinking “I honor” make you feel?

The word honor has a very respectful, celebratory and sacred energy. And with that, vibrates in such a frequency. So when you say, think, see or hear it, you will naturally shift into a that given sacred frequency. That is because everything is connected, which means the word “honor” will share its energy with you. How honorable is that!

So, use “honor” generously!

Also, you honoring yourself will spread your honorable energy to everything and everyone around you. And saying it to others will lift their feelings. Those lifted feelings will then spill over to everything and everyone around them, including you.

Have fun creating honorable energy!

I honor you!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it honorable!

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