365 Days of Happiness – June 14, 2017

Time for a “chit chat” with what catches your attention!

Not everyone notices the same things. So when you notice something, no matter if big or small, it is definitely for you. Why not get to the bottom of “why” this is in your awareness?

So here it goes…

Once you notice something, you can initiate a conversation with saying or thinking “I see you and thank you for showing up for me. I accept, respect, thank and love your message. Whatever it might be.” This is just an example, make it fitting for you. Now that you are open to receive, start asking questions. Make them right for you and ask as many as you like. Here are a few ideas… What reminder are you for me? What are you teaching me? Why are you in my awareness? Next step is to listen to the answers you get.

As an example, yesterday on my walk I noticed this sign.

I stopped, had my chit chat with this blessing, and as you can see the message is pretty clear. Keep my space clean! And radiate this message to everyone that enters my space. A fantastic reminder. And the immediately impact on my being was… My space was clean again. Cleansing happened right there on the spot, because I was conscious and open to receive this gifted cleansing.

The moment when you notice something, your shift to whatever energy and information it is running on is initiated. And once you consciously communicate with it and understand what energy and information that is, your shift goes into full motion.

That is because everything and everyone is always connected and shares their energies with everyone and everything at all times. Sometimes you are the sharing person and shift whatever or whoever is around you. And sometimes you are the shifted one. It is a constant and flowing exchange.

The amazing thing is that all exchanges teach you about yourself and they remind you of your needs. Just like a caring mother.

So consciously see, hear, feel, smell and taste all these signs and messages you notice. Communicate with these energies and information. And then openly receive the magnificent shift that is gifted to you.


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