365 Days of Happiness – June 8, 2017

Imagine you built your perfect house from scratch. It is now finished and you just got the keys. So there you are, standing in front of your new house. You are totally in “awe” that you get to live in this amazing place. You walk to the front door, turn the key and open it. You put your hands on the door frame and say a blessing. Then you step inside your own new house. Wow! You close the door behind you and pause for a long time to look around. It’s all still empty, clean and fresh. No one else’s footprints, dirt, worries, anger and negativity is present. It is very quiet and pure in your new home. You feel that you want to stay put for a while and hole yourself up all alone. You want to breathe-in this beautiful space of “nothing-ness”, dance in this pure emptiness and enjoy your feeling of “Wow, I get to live here!”

It is you, your new house and it’s pure emptiness. All three hanging out having a sacred time.

Feels good, right?

In this imagination, you represent your infinite soul, spirit, consciousness (or however you like to call it). Your new house represents your beautiful physical body. And the sacred emptiness represents your truth of who you really are.

That truth is very different for everyone, and it is based on many different beliefs and faiths… But one thing is for sure, everyone’s truth is sacred and bigger than anything else there is.

Now visualize the above imagination with closed eyes. But this time with the understanding that your soul, spirit, consciousness lives in this beautiful physical body, and it is your home. And inside also resides your sacred emptiness, where all your answers and your truth lays.

So, “Turn inward and go home, close the door and be within your emptiness. Be inspired by the outside, but seek pure answers within your sacred emptiness. Enjoy your infinite soul, your beautiful home and your wise emptiness. Play together, dance together, cry together, shine and create a spectacular life together.”

Everyone has a soul, everyone has a physical body and everyone has a sacred emptiness. That makes you “whole”, and it means you have everything you need to live to your fullest.

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