365 Days of Happiness – June 6, 2017

Stick to your happiness in the same manner, like super glue sticks to your fingers when you are a messy gluer!

With all the distressed energy that is out there, it feels like the pull towards it is super strong. But it is not! It is merely one option of being, with you having the power to choose in how you want to feel. Either you choose to join this energy, or you choose to join your personal happiness. You are in charge!

That does not mean you are in denial. Actually the opposite, you are aware of everything, and then consciously choose the stronger and more healing option of feeling your happiness, love, kindness, peace and light. And then spread that powerfulness to all.

So imagine being like superglue, and sticking to your personal happiness with an undeniable force.

Practice what happiness is for you, meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise. Start a happiness journal and check in with yourself often, to make sure you are feeling good.

Consciously see, hear, feel, talk and think about happiness. Write “happiness” on sticky notes and place them everywhere. Maybe be the “dork” that hands them out to people with a huge smile.

Focus on your happiness and feeling happy! And then infuse all with it.

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