365 Days of Happiness – June 3, 2017

Just BE, a lot this weekend!

Funny, I am about to tell you to unplug and just BE. But here I am, sitting in my garden surrounded by nature, probably missing animals running by, and writing my blog on my phone. Makes me giggle! Now, writing this creation of bliss and joy for me and you, is happening in my NOW. And it is being spread to everything and everyone around me and you, right now. Wow! So much happens in my NOW, when being plugged-in in my garden. Still giggling…

So back to unplugging and being. Take lots of time doing nothing, with that you are actually doing everything. Because in your nothing time, you can feel your NOW. While sitting or laying and breathing, you can listen to all sounds, smell all smells and see all things.

Feel how your heart opens in this time of rest, how you connect to whatever your spirit is for you, and feel your happiness taking over. Delicious!

Lay around all weekend long if you have that luxury, or sit and lay for a few minutes here and there, if you are a busy bee. Don’t worry, the quality of your rest lays in how true and deep you experience your NOW, not in how long you get to lay around. That is just icing on the cake.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a NOW day!

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