365 Days of Happiness – June 2, 2017

Stretch your body, mind and spirit!

Stay loose with stretching your body many times in your new day. A stretched body means a flowing, happy body.

Stretch and loosen up your mind with visiting different vacation spots in your imagination. Visualize and feel yourself wherever you would like to go to. Choose places where you are happy and loose. And don’t forget to send me pictures!

Stretch your spirit! Close your eyes and feel your energy, chi, source or whatever you might like to call yours. Visualize stretching your spirit wide, long and big. Breathe in space, and then widen your energy. Become humongous! Now feel your energy move from side to side. And if it feels good, move in wave movements. The goal is to stretch and loosen up your spirit, so follow whatever feels delicious for you.

But there is more “stretch” you can do…

Put on stretchy clothes and shoes. Listen to music that keeps you loose and moving. Surround yourself with stretchy, open-minded people.

Notice all stretchy things around you, like stretch pants and stretch bands. Actually, have a stretch band in your hand and play with it. Stretch it and feel the energy of stretching. Or borrow a silly-putty from your child, and “stretch-play” all day long. Simply put, if you play stretchy, you shift to stretchy!

A stretched loose body, mind and spirit is capable to feel hope, peace, gratitude and positive power.  It vibrates in a receiving frequency to see, hear, think and feel creative solutions.

While a tight body, mind and spirit is locked and blocked.

Happy stretching!

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