365 Days of Happiness – May 29, 2017

Close your eyes, smile and listen in stillness!

Listen to all this amazing life around you that expresses itself through sounds and noises. When you hear a sound/noise, say or think “That is someone doing dishes, that is a child crying, that is a bumble bee, that is a bird singing, that is an ambulance, that is a car alarm, that is music from a festival, that is a dog barking….” Move from sound to sound with acknowledging what it is.

Only notice the “what”, without getting into the “why”!

Doing so will fine tune your ability to simply listen and hear.

Now take this practice into your body and listen to what every cell/organ of your body is telling you. Move inch by inch through your beautiful body and hear what incredible information it has for you.

Again, acknowledge only the “what”, without getting into the “why”!

When you listen to the “what” and skip getting into the “why”, you immediately arrive in a space of acceptance and respect. And that is your magical place where you can clearly hear what you are meant to understand.

The “why” is just emotional busy work that gets you moving far away from staying with your truth and any solution or answer there is.

Practice to listen and hear all the beautiful life in and around you, and simply acknowledge it all!

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