365 Days of Happiness – May 27, 2017

Let’s twirl!

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms stretched out to your side, and fingers spread wide. Give it your flashiest smile and let’s go! Twirl to the right as fast (or slow, because speed is not needed here) and as long as is comfortable for you. Then twirl to the left as fast and long as you like. If you get the urge to giggle go for it, even better.

When ready, stop slowly and keep your arms stretched out. Breathe and feel this amazing shift that took place in your energy, mind and body.

You might feel cleaner and lighter, like all heavy stuff twirled off. You might feel that your personal energetic space got bigger, because it did. Or you might feel a stillness and pureness inside of you. This shift to vibrating in a higher frequency can be different for everybody. Breathe and really feel this!

And not to forget all the fun “child-like” happiness you created in you.

Do this as often as you like.

Happy twirling!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a twirly one…


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