365 Days of Happiness – May 20, 2017

Take your foot off your brakes!

So you can feel, see, hear, think, do and experience everything all the way to the fullest.

Your brakes are based on your old recordings and believes that you picked up in your childhood from other people. And because they are not yours, they don’t fit you and hold you back. These old recordings can be based on fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, feeling of not good enough, guilt…

Try this: Pick your absolute favorite race car and imagine you ARE this fabulous car. Feel this for a minute! Next, someone gets in the car and starts driving you (remember, you are the car) down a race car track. The person speeds up and you get all excited. But very soon that person hits the brakes. You slow down or might even stop. So here you are, this fabulous race car not able to drive to your fullest on this race car track, let alone get anywhere at all. Your experience is less than satisfying. In order for you to do what you are meant to do (as this race car on this race car track), you need the driver to let go of his/her old recordings of fear, take their foot of the brakes and let you drive to your fullest. Or at the least use the brakes less hard and not every minute of the drive.

It is the same for you in your life. When you constantly hit your brakes you slow down, might even stop and can’t get anywhere. Without you taking your foot off the brakes, you can’t do what you are here to do, which is experience life to the fullest.

So practice being conscious of what your brakes are, when you are hitting them and why. Also, how do you feel when you slow down? All these questions pull you into your now and ask you to shadow yourself, so you can take your foot off your brakes.

Feeling, seeing, hearing, thinking, tasting, doing and experiencing to the fullest is pure happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day, make it a brake free day!

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