365 Days of Happiness – May 11, 2017

Honor and celebrate every single inch of your beautiful body!

One magnificent way to do so, is to have an appreciation “chit-chat” with your body while drying yourself after a nice warm shower or bath. You feel all clean, warm and cozy, which means your heart is wide open and you can speak your loving truth to yourself easily.

Starting at the head, lets “chit-chat” our way down towards the feet:

  • Massage-dry your head and say “This is an appreciation massage for you my “super-star” head. Thank you for holding it all together!”
  • Then dry your hair and say “Thank you for being my luscious asset.”
  • Now dry your face and say “I thank you for giving me the most amazing expressions ever.” If you like, you can take it into more detail and express gratitude to your eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and ears as well. After all, they all deserve it.
  • Then dry your neck and shoulders, thank them for carrying your “super-star” head so regally.
  • Next your arms and hands, thank them for being your octopus like part, and make doing things possible.
  • Your back and buttocks also deserve gratitude, for holding you up and letting you sit down.
  • Then your legs, thank them for walking you and take you dancing.
  • And of course your strong feet, thank them for carrying you with amazing stamina and elegance.
  • Not to forget, go inward and thank all your organs and tell them how much you appreciate them.

The above are all examples. Make it fitting, so it feels good for you. Most of all don’t hold back, because your body is your palace and it deserves to be celebrated with appreciation and gratitude.

When you are finished chit-chatting, close your eyes for a minute and feel how wonderful you feel! Really indulge in this and know that you created this healing feeling for yourself!

Great job!

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