365 Days of Happiness – May 9, 2017

“I win and I am a winner!

The words win and winner carry the energy of abundance, happiness, joy and success. Which means they vibrate in a frequency of “high for life”.

Saying this often will spark your feelings of your winner self, and that will shift you and every single cell of your body into this elevated frequency. And believe me, it is bliss up there!

You might ask, “But where do I win?”

You win every morning when you open your eyes, because you are gifted to create another new day. You win when you step out of bed and your feet say “I got you, let’s go!” You win when you taste your first cup of coffee in your new day. You win when you rip your door open, step out like a wild person and get to smell the world. You win when you get to stick your face into sunlight, dance and refresh in the rain, get picked up for a twirl by strong winds, quiet down with fog or be enchanted by a winter-wonderland. You win all day long!

You also have the power to create winner moments with making yourself a spectacular cup of tea, a playful bubble bath, wear clothing and shoes that shift you to your “Rocky” feel, listen to powerful music, or just make a habit of being in awe over everything. You are a powerful winner!

But the most beautiful winner moment is when you see the winner in others. This is how you can inspire them to see themselves as winners and help them shift into their winning energy. Now they can meet you in the “high for life” frequency. That is winning at its best!

And last but never to be forgotten, you are surrounded by winning. Because winning is in life, the air, water, sun, earth and all of nature. It all wins every day in gifting us a miraculous stage to create our winning life.

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