365 Days of Happiness – May 5, 2017

Focus on seeing sparkles today!

Sparkles carry the energy of magic, angelic, light, celebrative, playful, happy, uplifting and are vibrating in a high frequency.

Sparkles are also your direct and immediate connection to your inner child. Remember when you saw sparkles as a child? You saw, felt and believed in magic. Well, that has never changed. Until this day, when you see sparkles, you are given the gift to see through the eyes and heart of your inner child. You get to see, feel and believe in magic.

Seeing sparkles makes your inner child light up, which makes who you are now light up as well.

Sparkles are everywhere and present themselves in many ways. Look out for rain drops filled with sun shine, lawn sprinklers misting in the sun light, lighting in stores that glimmer, sparkles on clothing and accessories, sparkles on ice cream and ice, crafting glitter and sparkles in people’s eyes, especially children. Just to name a few…

Seeing and feeling sparkles shifts you into the “sparkle energy”, which is already an existing part inside of you. And that part of you would love to be sparkled with full and absolute magnitude.

Sparkles for the win!

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