365 Days of Happiness – May 3, 2017

You are always supported!

Become aware of all the support that is there for you and surrounding you.

You are supported by your bed when you sleep. You are supported by your car, subway or bicycle when you travel. You are supported by your shoes when you walk. You are supported by chairs, benches and sofas when you sit.

Your physical being is supported by the water and food you get to enjoy. You are supported by the sun, moon and weather conditions that give you light, energy, rest and water. You are supported by all trees and all nature.

Support is an ongoing and constant state that is all around you, and offered to you at all times.

If you like to take matters in your own hands and create additional support, lean on a wall you like. Take a minute, breathe and feel yourself being supported by this strong and secure wall. The life of a wall is all about support. So it only makes sense if you take advantage of it, and give all the walls in your life the opportunity to fill you with support.

Feeling supported opens your heart, strengthens your trust and brings a feeling of lightness in. It also sets the tone for you to support yourself, and rise to be the biggest supporter of you. Bigger and stronger than all the walls in your life combined.

Becoming aware of all the support means you are now shifting to “feeling supported”. And if you feel supported, you are supported. That is a fact!

And if you ever feel not-supported, just look around you and notice everything that supports you.

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