365 Days of Happiness – May 2, 2017

Pick a fruit and be like it!

The fruit that comes into my mind today is a strawberry. A strawberry is vibrantly red and definitely sticking out in a crowd of different fruits. A strawberry is sweet and somehow creamy. It’s texture is soft, mixed with a crunchiness from the seeds. A strawberry is a very alive vibration, accompanied by a fun factor due to its color and shape.

The strawberry is just my example.

Pick your fitting fruit that comes to your mind. Then think about what this fruit represents to you, how does it feel to you and what does it make you feel when you bite into it. Go all out and deep into feeling it, and stay in that wonderful high vibrational frequency for a while. Fill yourself all the way with these beautiful feelings. Best is, if you can also deliciously devour your fruit you picked. But if not handy, you can stay with imagining your fruit.

Feeling a certain way about your picked fruit means you feel these feelings also in you. Because everything is connected and everything is the same.


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