365 Days of Happiness – April 29, 2017

Make a Spa Day out of your day!

Energize and clean with your breath. Imagine with every breath in you oxygenate, and with every breath out you clean out the old.

Hydrate and energize with the water you drink. Fill a glass of water, look at it, feel it and connect to it.  Now imagine filling it with your love, healing and happiness. Time to drink that positive water!

Clean and rejuvenate with your shower water. Consciously feel the shower water softly pouring over you. Feel how cleaning, refreshing and renewing this is.

Color up! Enjoy all the color therapy around you. Look at all the colors, how do they make you feel? Indulge in it and fill yourself up.

Relax, feel love and beautiful with hugs! Hugs open and activate your heart energy. They make the world in your body go round. They are relaxing and bring out the feeling of “I am beautiful!”

Nourish and replenish with delicious food. Think and feel what foods are fitting. How will these chosen foods make you feel? Prepare them and consciously devour them with joy.

Spark your happiness with smiling. When you lift the corners of your mouth into a smile your mood lifts too.

Awaken and pamper your feet. Walk barefoot and notice the amazing foot massage that is in every bare foot step you take.

And not to forget, be perfumed! Go smell those flowers and plants and feel all scented. Tap lavender all over your body and feel the magic!

Happy Spa Day!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it count as a happy day!

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