365 Days of Happiness – April 28, 2017

Start an adventurous pact with your “Now”!

Your “Now” is always and guaranteed an adventure. It is constantly new, updated and filled with opportunities just for you.

In your “Now” you are in charge and get to decide and choose your thoughts, feelings and reactions. And with your choices you create your next “Now”, that is how and where change starts. Not to mention you get to flash your super manifestation power in your “Now”.

Your “Now” is holding its part of the deal. It’s responsibility is to be an adventure. Are you holding your part of the deal? To be present right now?

Practice slowing down and feel, see, smell, taste, hear and act in a state of mindfulness. Do this often and soon enough mindful is not a state anymore, it becomes who you are.

Magic happens in a mindful “Now”!

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